75mm Diameter Button Badges are the largest size badge manufactured and therefore makes that makes them very noticeable. You can hardly miss them when they are worn with pride. 75mm Diameter Button Badges were invented in the 18th century along with a variety of sizes for promotional use and were first used by George Washington’s supporters.

Ever since its invention 75mm Diameter Button Badges have managed stayed on top as being a cost effective way to advertise your campaign or event. The 75mm  Diameter Button Badge can depict anything; membership to a club, a slogan, a digital picture or image. Bikers often sport badges with particular sporting events and trophy rides or wins. Designs are digitally printed on a plain metal surface which don't rub off.

The button badges have a safety pin on their flip side which can be used to pin on to any fabric. This back pin can also be replaced by a magnetic attachment on request. The extra support will prevent the badge from drooping down. Amongst the variety of size options provided the 75mm Diameter Button Badges are large enough to show your image or text clearly. The 75mm Diameter Button Badges are available in bulk and priced according to full digital print.



Print Area (mm):

75 Diameter.

Item Size (mm):

75 Diameter

Price Based On:

Full Colour Digital Print 




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75mm Button Badges

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