Bulk Assorted Jelly Beans a variety of 9 complementary tastes for a true flavor explosion with every bite. Jelly Bean is a very popular promotional product for advertising and corporate marketing events, it is also a great gift for weddings, parties, and personal gifts. This bulk mini Jelly Bean assortment is mixed with 9 great colours and flavours – White (Lychee), Yellow (Lemon), Orange (Orange), Red (Strawberry), Purple (Grape), Pink (Raspberry), Green (Apple), Blue (Blueberry), Black (Liquorice).

The Bulk Assorted Jelly Beans are supplied and priced at 1 kilogram bags. There are 8 bags to a box and no branding is available.

Available Colours:

Assortment of the 9 varieties.

Branding Options:


Price Based On:

Unbranded bulk 1 kilogram bags.




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Bulk Assorted Jelly Beans

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25 $12.94 $323.50
50 $9.42 $471.00
100 $8.54 $854.00
250 $7.43 $1,857.50
500 $7.29 $3,645.00
1000 $7.20 $7,200.00

From $7.20 to $12.94

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