These Full Colour Fridge Magnets 90mm X 55mm are an effective way of promoting your business like business cards. Business cards tend to be thrown out or kept in a draw and can never be found when your services or products are needed. These Full Colour Fridge Magnets are the same size as business cards so can be handed out as such. The difference is fridge magnets are useful to keep your bills or notes on the ever visible fridge. These are medium size magnets which allows you to pin larger documents including your children's or grandchildren's latest drawings or photos. You can place them on anything metal including fridges or filing cabinets.

The Full Colour Fridge Magnets 90mm X 55mm are a cost-effective way of undertaking brand promotion and given away to Clients and potential Clients so they have easy access to your businesses contact details. Being full colour, it means you can have your company name, logo, tagline and contact details on them. These fridge magnets are a great way to get your brands exposed. It will keep its name memorised in your customer's minds.

These are priced with square corners however we are able to supply Fridge Magnets with round corners or custom shapes.

Item Size:

90mm x 55mm

Branding Area:

90mm x 55mm




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Full Colour Fridge Magnets 90mm X 55mm

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